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Pinball Board Repair

Pinball Board Repair

K's Arcade specializes in all aspects of pinball board repair and EPROM programming. We have been diagnosing and repairing pinball boards and electronics for over 16 years. Our full service technical department can expertly troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your pinball electronics for less than what a replacement would cost.


K's Arcade does not accept corroded boards from battery leakage or poorly repaired boards (hacked), Gottlieb System 1 MPU, Gottlieb System 80 - 80B, Game Plan (No Longer Supported), Bally 6803 (No Longer Supported)

All boards received will be evaluated to determine if they can be repaired. Your repaired board will be game tested prior to shipping. Just mail in your board and we take care of the rest! See the instructions below on how to safely ship us your board.



Please print this form, fill out and enclose with your board. This assures that we have all your contact information and a description of the symptoms that your board is exhibiting. We strongly encourage our customers to enclose paperwork with their boards to ensure that all work is expedited quickly and efficiently through our facility. Please print your email address clearly.




If at all possible, place your boards in anti-static bags, especially during the dry winter months. If you do not have anti-static bags, then you can wrap your boards in aluminum foil and then cushion them with bubble wrap to insure adequate protection. Shipping by most carriers can result in damage to your boards if they are not packaged properly. We use and recommend shipping through Priority Mail. Insurance is encouraged.


Boards can be shipped to:

K's Arcade

220 Twist Hill Rd

Dunbarton, NH 03046

When your boards arrive, we will log them into our system before they go into the repair que. We repair boards in the order in which they are received. After we have diagnosed and repaired your boards, we will send you (by email) a K's Arcade Repair Order, which you can add to cart on our website and pay either by credit card or PayPal balance. You can also at that time add other parts that you might need to complete your repair. We can also take credit card payments over the phone. Once your repair order is paid. it will ship either that day (if paid early enough) or the next business day.


If you have questions you can contact us or call our technical support hot line at 603-774-7800 EST.